Nintendo’s ARMS Gets 33/40 Score In Famitsu Review

Alessio Palumbo

Nintendo's highly anticipated fighting game called ARMS is due to launch on June 16th worldwide and the latest Famitsu magazine (issue #1488) included the very first published review of the game.

The score is 33/40; in case you're not familiar with Famitsu's score, that's the total of four different reviewers giving ARMS 8, 8, 8 and 9. The game apparently got the highest score of this issue, narrowly beating The Sexy Brutale (32/40) and World of Goo (32/40 as well).

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ARMS is the Switch exclusive fighting game that heavily relies on motion controls. The developers openly said they'd love to create a franchise beyond this initial installment, though of course it will depend on its reception and sales. They also reassured fans that many more fighters will be added over time to the game, each one featuring different abilities.

In his hands-on preview from February, Dave surmised that ARMS has the potential to be as popular as Splatoon in its own genre.

ARMS just could be the next big competitive title for Nintendo, showing the kind of potential that Splatoon has in spades, let’s just hope Nintendo’s online services hold up to the scrutiny of fighting game fans that demand low-latency, because that will make or break Nintendo’s new boxing IP.

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