New Halo 3 PC Campaign Mod Removes Map Barriers; Adds Driveable Scarab and Pelican Alongside Secret Godmode Equipment


A brand-new Halo 3 PC campaign mod has been released which removes most map barriers, allowing for plenty of exploring.

Created by modder ‘ThunderMG’, the ‘Halo 3 Freedom Campaign’ adds some interesting new features to the recently released PC version of the shooter, including working Scarabs and Pelicans in most missions alongside secret golden weapons and godmode equipment. In addition, the new mod allows players to play as ‘Johnson’ on ‘Siera 117’ and ‘Crow’s Nest’.

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According to the modder, he plans to add a Forge World map with everything included in the near future. Down below you’ll find the main features of this interesting new mod:

Halo 3 PC Campaign 'Freedom' mod main features

  • Most map barriers and door collison removed go nuts exploring !
  • Added working Scarab, Pelican and more to most Mission's
  • 3 Secret Golden Weapons on every Mission (except the Covenant due to a Bug)
  • Secret Godmode Equipment in the beginning of every mission
  • Reusable Equipment with cooldown (except Invincibility) -> Spam Grav lifts with 0 sec cooldown !
  • Unlocked every squad for boarding

  • Added Rejected Shotgun's AA Scarab as enemy on "The Storm" and a driveable variant on "The Covenant"
  • Added GreenKnight's Hawk to the Covenant (not in plain sight)
  • Optional: Play as Johnson on "Sierra 117" and "Crow's Nest"
  • Johnson's Warthog in the Last Mission is now a GoldHog driven in First Person !
  • Bigger Vehicle selection for the Warthog Run in the last Mission

Those interested can download the Halo 3 PC Campaign ‘Freedom’ mod via Nexusmods.

Halo 3 was released for PC last month and is part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Be sure to check out this great third-person mod for the game as well.

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