First Halo Reach PC Firefight Gameplay Footage Released From 343 Industries’ Livestream


The first Halo Reach PC Firefight gameplay footage from 343 Industries’ recent livestream has made its way online.

Last month, 343 Industries announced a second Halo MCC insider flight focusing on Reach’s firefight mode. “FireFlight is the team’s next flighting goal which will offer Firefight matchmaking to you on PC”, the developer wrote. “While things may shift, we’re currently targeting this milestone for later this month. The team is beginning to review release candidates that have the core features to support this flight. Keep your eyes out for upcoming news articles in the near future!”

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No exact launch date for this second flight has been announced, but with this new gameplay footage being shown, it appears that the start of this new test is imminent.

The footage is courtesy of Chief Canuck and starts at roughly 34 minutes in the video.

Halo The Master Chief Collection is slated for a release on PC later this year with Reach leading the collection’s staged rollout.