New 2018 iPad Pro Camera Features Smart HDR But No Portrait Mode on Rear Camera


This is somewhat of a bummer: the new 2018 iPad Pro tablets can't do portrait mode using the rear camera. The feature works on the front facing camera only.

Want Portrait Shots from the Rear Camera? Get an iPhone XR or iPhone X/XS

If you've been wondering whether or not the new iPad Pro features Portrait mode, then the answer is a yes and a no at the same time. Yes, because it has a TrueDepth sensor for Face ID enabling Portrait shots. No, because Portrait mode is exclusive to the front facing camera only not the rear one.

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Now, this news is somewhat disappointing given the fact that the iPhone XR is able to take portrait shots using a single lens on the back. What's more weird is that the iPhone XR does portrait shots using the power of the A12 Bionic chip and its underlying neural engine. Guess which chip the iPad Pro has? The A12X Bionic, which is faster than the one found in the iPhone, but essentially the same one of course.

However, we can't rule out the possibility at this point that a software update might actually enable portrait shots using the rear camera. On the other hand, Apple might not add the feature at all and keep it exclusive to the iPhone lineup. Whatever the case might be, the upside to all of this is that the tablet features Smart HDR, which means every single time you can pull out an excellent and stunning looking photo that has deeper color depth and even tones across the board.

We are going to dig deep into Apple's website and see what other surprises Apple has tossed in this wonderful edge-to-edge display package. If there is something noteworthy, we will highlight it here for sure.

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