Apple Planning to Launch Split-Screen Multitasking for iPad with iOS 8!

According to latest industry reports, Apple may finally introduce the split-screen multitasking functionality for the iPad users with the upcoming iOS 8. Split-screen multitasking lets users run two apps simultaneously, increasing the efficiency and ease of usage.

iOS 8 split screen multitasking:

iOS split screen multitasking feature for iPad will not only forward the multitasking but also would make interaction between apps easier, reports 9to5mac. iOS 8 split screen multitasking would further enhance the use of iPad and bring it closer as a complete work-machine making it easier for users to use two apps in a single screen. 

This leak, if turns out to be true, would prove to be a major update release for iPad; this feature may be in design to be used in the rumored iPad Pro which is geared towards a more work-oriented consumer market.

Here's an excerpt from the report:

In addition to allowing for two iPad apps to be used at the same time, the feature is designed to allow for apps to more easily interact, according to the sources. For example, a user may be able to drag content, such as text, video, or images, from one app to another. Apple is said to be developing capabilities for developers to be able to design their apps to interact with each other. This functionality may mean that Apple is finally ready to enable “XPC” support in iOS, which means that developers could design App Store apps that could share content.

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This year, with an increased focus on stock applications for iOS 8, Apple is working on a fitness app named Healthbook. iOS 8 is expected to include major under-the-hood improvements to Maps app, TextEdit, Siri, and Preview apps for iOS, Healthbook app for fitness tracking, and a stand alone iTunes Radio app.

Source: 9to5mac

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