Major Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Patch Beta Out Now; Lowers Ram and VRAM Usage, Improves Overall Performance, Combat AI and More

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

The first major Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Patch has been released as a beta branch on Steam and we’ve got you covered with the release notes.

On the game’s Steam page, developer Taleworlds Entertainment has posted an update regarding a more structured patch process for the title. As such, aside from the public branch, two new branches are being introduced for the game on Steam – the opt-in Alpha and Beta branches.

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“The beta branch will include content that has gone through our internal testing and will be exposed to public testers for at least one week”, the developer writes. “During this period, we will address discovered issues with hotfixes. Our goal is a weekly cycle where we push our internal version to the beta and the prior beta version to the main Steam build. However, if serious challenges arise, we may delay an update until those issues have been addressed.”

The first major update for Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord in the beta branch aims to improve performance by lowering Ram and VRAM usage, fixes numerous crashes, improves combat AI and the game’s UI, adds new art, packs improvements to the game’s character development system and much more.

Due to the full release notes being quite extensive, we’ve only included the changes and improvements that apply to both singleplayer and multiplayer. Be sure to read the full patch notes right here.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Beta Patch Release Notes

Singleplayer and Multiplayer


If the AI is not holding a ranged weapon, it tries to find a ranged weapon in its equipment and uses this weapon to calculate attacking scores against distant enemies. During this weapon selection, some equipment was causing a crash. This was fixed.


  • Improved the performance of the sound system.
  • Big improvements for the multi-core performance of the game.
  • We now select Maximum sound count according to your CPU's core count. You can increase this setting if you have a recent CPU. We've also added a new very low(64) option.
  • Some other minor performance improvements.


  • UI sounds don't get cut by other UI events anymore.
  • Added "is missile" check to crafted weapons' impact sounds (like Throwing Axes).
  • Fixed Ballista reload sound phasing.
  • Minor changes in the hearable distance of loud sounds.
  • Fixed some Vlandian scenes opening up with an echo.

Combat AI

  • Improved the calculation of ranged units for the enemy's future position.
  • Ranged units can target mounts or different enemy bones. Cases that caused errors during this calculation are fixed.
  • After issuing the "Hold Fire" command, the AI weapon selection gives less priority to ranged weapons that have a secondary melee mode.


Added an option to disable controller vibration.

Mount and Blade II Bannerlord is available now for PC. The game released in early access last month.

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