Mordhau Mod Turns the Game Into a Survival RPG

Mordhau Mod

A Mordhau mod is attempting to turn the multiplayer medieval slasher game into a bona fide survival RPG with persistent progress and a seamless world.

Mordhau Survival RPG is a large game mode and map mod in which you have persistent progress between logins. You will start no better than a peasant, but you are able to work your way up in the world by either becoming an unbeatable duelist, an opportunistic raider, a master craftsman, a scheming trader, or even just a simple hunter in the woods. Your objective in the game mode is open-ended and there are a number of gameplay systems you have at your disposal that should help aid you in your goals; an in-depth crafting system, an honourable & dishonourable PvP system, bandit hunting PvE contracts, dynamic flora and fauna spawning, and an expansive armor & equipment system with special bonuses.

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Mordhau Mod Survival RPG Features

  • Persistence (inventory, health, location, bonuses, housing)
  • Large seamless game world with many vanilla & custom locations integrated together
  • Custom highly integrated inventory system
  • Resource gathering & crafting economy
  • Friendly NPCs in towns with dialogue and trading
  • PvP activities; Dueling areas, Open World PvP (with and without loot drop)
  • PvE activities; Bandit camps, Hunting, Item Crafting

You can already check out this Mordhau mod by simply opening the game, searching for the server name via the in-game browser, and joining to begin the download.

There are currently three available servers:

  • NA - Survival RPG Mod Open Testing Server
  • EU - Survival RPG Mod Open Testing Server
  • OCE - Survival RPG Mod Open Testing Server

Mordhau launched on PC three years and a half ago. The game was also recently announced to be coming soon to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X consoles.

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