Sekiro Multiplayer Mod in the Works, Currently Supports Three Players

Sekiro multiplayer mod

A Sekiro multiplayer mod is in the works, as testified by the videos posted on YouTube (and embedded below) by user LukeYui.

While the first videos were merely tests without sync and animations working correctly, in a matter of days the creator was able to fix most issues. Yesterday's video shows the Sekiro multiplayer mod working well thanks to the following improvements:

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World events now sync - Bullets now sync - Effects now sync - Combat arts and prosthetic tools have animations - Session stability improved, less crashy overall

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was the first Souls-like game made by FromSoftware with no multiplayer elements at all. Even without this popular feature, the game went on to be a huge success for the Japanese developer, selling almost four million units as of June 2019 according to the last sales update. The game was also a critical darling, winning several Game of the Year Awards and scoring very high in most reviews. In ours, Nathan said:

Some issues aside, Sekiro’s overall flow and cadence is great. The game’s world has that familiar knotty, interconnected From Software structure, but it feels more open and less oppressive. Bosses are tough, but you’re nicely rewarded for defeating them with big new areas to explore or a helpful upgrade to your abilities. This is From Software’s most rewarding journey yet, and there’s a lot of journey to be had – Sekiro serves up about the same number of locations as your typical Dark Souls game, but it packs those areas with more challenges. This game serves up somewhere in the neighborhood of three dozen bosses. Expect a 30 to 50 hour adventure, depending on how sharp you’ve been keeping your blade.

Should this Sekiro multiplayer mod be released publicly, we'll be sure to let you know here on Wccftech. Stay tuned.

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