Monster Hunter World Has Shipped Over 20 Million Units

Monster Hunter World

CAPCOM announced today that Monster Hunter World has now shipped over 20 million units globally (including Iceborne Master Edition) across all platforms. The Japanese publisher highlighted the successful long-tail sales of the game.

In recent years, Capcom's promotion of digital sales has enabled it to realize long-term, global sales for its major titles. With the January 2018 release of Monster Hunter World in particular, Capcom was able to propel the Monster Hunter series to global-brand status with a series-first worldwide simultaneous launch coupled with international promotional activities, establishing the game as Capcom's best-selling title of all time within a month of its release and being honored with awards the world over. In the more than three years since the game's release, in addition to promoting digital sales, Capcom also launched Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, a massive premium expansion for the game, as well as a bundle containing both titles, capitalizing on synergies with Iceborne and resulting in prolonged sales that led Monster Hunter World to achieve a Capcom all-time record of 20 million units shipped.

In our review, Kai awarded the game a flattering 9.5 out of 10 accompanied by the following summary.

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Monster Hunter Rise’s PC Version will Be Up to Date with Switch Version

As the first debut on new platforms, Monster Hunter World displays excellence in every hunt. The new changes are a great evolution of the series that can get new players their first taste of hunting while veteran players will look forward to seeing an old nemesis in High Rank hunts.

This wasn't the only successful entry in the series, by the way, given that the more recent Monster Hunter Rise already sold more than 7.5 million units on Nintendo Switch as of September 24th, and will undoubtedly raise that number between the upcoming PC release (due next January) and the Sunbreak expansion (scheduled to be released next summer).

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