[Updated: Live & Patch Notes] Major CoD: Modern Warfare Update 1.10 Arrives Later This Week; Extensive Patch Notes Being Finalized

Call of Duty Modern Warfare update 1.10

[Update 22/11] Modern Warfare title update 1.10 has now been released for all platforms. Due to the release notes being rather extensive, we've made a separate post detailing the patch notes.

[Original story] A major update for Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update 1.10, is arriving in the coming days, Infinity Ward has confirmed.

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After last week’s 1.09 patch for PC and consoles, Infinity Ward is currently working hard to release a “big” new update for all platforms. According to the studio’s senior communications manager, Ashton Williams,  the upcoming major update will pack fixes to perks, weapons, private match options and more.

The exact release date for the 1.10 update hasn’t been shared but the team is currently finalizing the rather extensive release notes.

“Finalizing notes for “the big update” you all keep asking about”, Williams writes on Twitter. “Notes are a little over two pages long. Lots of good stuff in here.”

Most of the previous patches and title updates focused on improving the game’s stability across all platforms and fixing errors. Infinity Ward also released a PC-only patch that addressed stuttering during cutscenes last week.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available globally now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Publisher Activision and Infinity Ward announced the reboot back in May of this year.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare features a new engine delivering an immersive and photo-realistic experience. The new technology utilizes the latest advancements in visual engineering, including a physically-based material system allowing for state of the art photogrammetry, a new hybrid tile based streaming system, new PBR decal rendering system, world volumetric lighting, 4K HDR, DirectX Raytracing (PC) and more as well as a new GPU geometry pipeline. Spectral rendering delivers thermal heat radiation and infrared identification for both thermal and night-vision in-game imaging. The technical investment provides a cutting edge animation and blend shape system, while the new suite of audio tools supports full Dolby ATMOS, on supported platforms, along with the latest in audio simulation effects.

“This is an all-new Modern Warfare reimagined in every way,” said Dave Stohl, co-Studio Head, Infinity Ward back in May. “We are creating an emotionally charged experience that’s inspired by the headlines in the world today, where the rules are grey and battle lines are blurred. Players will join a varied cast of international special forces and freedom fighters in gripping and heart-pounding missions through iconic European cities and volatile expanses of the Middle East. It’s intense, it’s exciting, and we can’t wait for our fans to play this October.”

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[Updated: Live & Patch Notes] Major CoD: Modern Warfare Update 1.10 Arrives Later This Week; Extensive Patch Notes Being Finalized

We'll update once the patch and its release notes are live.

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