Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is Confirmed by EA

Earlier today it was reported that Electronic Arts has filed a trademark for something called Mirror's Edge Catalyst. It was filed in Europe through the office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) by UK law firm J A Kemp, the same firm that usually handles EA’s trademark filings.

The trademark details:

“computer game software, downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices, and video game software.”

A new domain resgistered by EA has opened up with the same name. It appears that the official Mirro's Edge channel acknowledged the name with the following tweet:

Previous EA executive Frank Gibeau explained:

"Our goal in any product is to try and grow the audience,"

"We're definitely taking into account the opportunity to reach a bigger group of people. We think we've got the right story and accessibility that can do that."

EA Games vice president Patrick Soderlund described the new Mirror's Edge as a "true next-gen idea."

"It just happened to be a game design that I don't think you can build on an old-gen machine,"

"It doesn't work the way it's designed. And that also appeals to me. We could maybe get it to work on one, but we would have to compromise on too many things. With this we didn't have to."

"It's a true next-gen idea," "

With next-gen execution and that felt right."

We will learn more about Mirror's Edge at EA's E3 2015 press conference on June 15

EA seems pretty confident about E3 2015, stating that they will bring the house down, and given that they will be showing Need for Speed, Star Wars Battlefront, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, the new Plants vs Zombies game, and at least one more Star Wars title, I would have to agree that they could definitely achieve that.

The developers of Need for Speed, Ghost Games clarify, that the latest iteration is not Underground 3, but it does share many of the features and aspects that made the Underground titles great. On June 15 more information on Need for Speed will be unveiled during EA's press conference.

Industry insider Shinobi602, who has been pretty accurate with everything he shared throughout the year, stated that EA has a lot more to announce at E3 2015. During a recent discussion over at NeoGAF, Shinobi stated that we should  “look for 3 unannounced EA games, one of which is a new IP.”

Criterion's new game was teased last year as a new IP focusing on extreme racing. Visceral has been teasing their upcoming Star Wars game, which is the project that Amy Hennig is associated with, so a reveal at E3 2015 is likely to happen. Bioware's new IP has been teased for some time now so we might actually get a teaser of what that might be.

We will bring you any new information on Mirror's Edge, EA and E3 2015 as soon as it becomes available.

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