Need For Speed – Details on Dedicated Servers, Camera Views and Framerate Lock

The official Twitter account of Need For Speed shared some new information about the latest part in this legendary racing series. As it was recently revealed, Need For Speed will be a complete reboot of the series and not a sequel. We have just a few hours ago reported that the game will require an online connection in order to be played.

In addition a few other details were shared, which can be viewed below:

The developers did not comment on any details regarding a frame lock, so it could be possible that unlike Need for Speed Rivals the new title, will have an unlocked framerate on the PC and possibly on the consoles as well.

Need for Speed will have dedicated servers and improvements to the AllDrive system, something that proves that the always online requirement is indeed true and not a miscommunication.

The developers assure that being connected will allow a more enjoyable experience with friends joining in the narrative experience, something that if done right could prove to be quite innovating and truly unique.

Need for Speed will offer multiple camera angles, but a cockpit view unfortunately won't be included.

Need for Speed will feature both  single player and multiplayer experiences, regardless of the title having an always online requirement.

The developers, Ghost Games clarify that the latest iteration is not Underground 3, but it does share many of the features and aspects that made the Underground titles great. On June 15 more information on Need for Speed will be unveiled during EA's press conference.

EA seems pretty confident about E3 2015, stating that they will bring the house down, and given that they will be showing Need for Speed, Star Wars Battlefront, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, a new Plants vs Zombies game, and at least one more Star Wars title, I would have to agree that they could definitely achieve that.

We will bring you any new information on Need for Speed, EA and E3 2015 as soon as it becomes available.


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