Middle-earth: Shadow of War PC Graphics Settings, Photo Mode Confirmed


During the latest Middle-earth: Shadow of War official live stream, Monolith inadvertently gave us a quick look at the game's settings and modes while browsing the menus.

To begin with, when pausing the game you'll be presented with the choice to review your Army, your Quests, your Character, and your Inventory. Other options include a Market (which is supposedly where cosmetic microtransactions, also highlighted by the Featured Friday sale prompt, will take place), an Online tab (all the more interesting since Monolith Productions didn't share anything concrete on Shadow of War's online features yet), Guide and Appendices, and finally the actual Options tab.

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This is where the juicy stuff can be found. In the Game settings we can see the ability to change the campaign's difficulty on the fly, thus potentially addressing one of the main complaints of the first game, the ability to change Combat Prompts to "FX Only" and most likely to switch them off as well, as well as a Photo Mode, which should please all those interested in capturing the beauty of the game's varied environments in the best possible way.

The Display settings confirm that the developers were showcasing the game played at 4K resolution (though the Twitch live stream was only at 1080P or so) running on a Titan X Pascal graphics card. Interestingly, there also seems to be an in-game FPS limiter.

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And then, of course, the actual graphics settings under Video. Unfortunately, they're not all visible due to the lack of scrolling, but we can make out Lighting Quality (set to High), Mesh Quality (set to Ultra), Motion Blur (On), Anti-Aliasing (TAA, or Temporal Anti-Aliasing), Shadow Quality (set to Ultra), Texture Filtering and Texture Quality (both set to Ultra).

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is now scheduled to launch on October 10th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will run at native 4K on Xbox One X, which the developers called a "crazy powerful box" in an exclusive interview with Wccftech at E3 2017.

You can watch the live stream embedded below, but beware as there might be spoilers since Monolith was showcasing a Story mission.