Microsoft (Kind of) Confirms Windows 10 Mobile Release Happening Later Today

Rafia Shaikh

After three different reports claiming that Microsoft will finally start releasing its long-awaited Windows 10 Mobile operating system for Windows Phone 8.1 devices on March 17, here comes at least some sort of hint from Redmond itself. Since December, this is possibly the first time Microsoft has said at least "something" about Windows 10 Mobile release.

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Microsoft inadvertently confirms Windows 10 Mobile release

After 3 months and several reports giving us different Windows 10 Mobile rollout dates, it seems like today will definitely be the day. We already saw reports giving a March 17 as the day Windows 10 Mobile rollout begins for Windows Phone devices. Vodafone Italy was the first source giving March 17 as the official Windows 10 Mobile rollout date. This was corroborated yesterday by two different reports from Evleaks and T-Mobile Croatia. The update is reportedly going to be passive where users who intend to upgrade to the upcoming new mobile operating system version will have to manually install it.

The folks at MSPowerUser have now spotted a slight change in Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile landing page:

[...] change we spotted was Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile landing page. The site , which previously read “The latest and greatest Windows experience is coming to Lumia smartphones” as early as Monday, Microsoft’s Lumia site now proclaims “The latest and greatest Windows experience is now on Lumia smartphones”.

We agree, this is nothing big. BUT, considering the silence that the company has maintained over Windows 10 Mobile rollout, "now on Lumia" seems like a confirmation coming from Microsoft itself, right on the night before the launch is expected.

If everyone is reading into this correctly and the carrier reports are indeed on point this time around, we could finally see Microsoft delivering Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Phone devices later today. T-Mobile Croatia also claimed that eligible Windows Phone 8.1 devices will be required to download an Upgrade Advisor app to install the update on their devices. We will know more about this once Microsoft makes the official announcement.

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