Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 Pro Screenshots Look Great; Performance Reportedly “Steady 30FPS”

Mass Effect Andromeda

Tomorrow Mass Effect Andromeda will be playable on PC and Xbox One by those who have an active subscription for Origin/EA Access.

PlayStation gamers will have to wait for the actual release dates (March 21st for North America, March 23rd for Europe) in order to get their hands on the game. Meanwhile, insider shinobi602 already got a copy of the game on PlayStation 4 through his connections and posted some screenshots of the game running on the Pro (1080P resolution, which you can find in the gallery below). The game also supports HDR if you have a compatible display, which should make it even more beautiful than it already is.

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As you might remember, Mass Effect Andromeda's PS4 Pro resolution was confirmed a while back by Mark Cerny to be 1800P (3200x1800) with checkerboard rendering. That was a few months ago, though, and we don't know whether there were any changes in that regard. Digital Foundry will tell us everything about pixel count soon enough, but shinobi was able to give us an initial report on PS4 Pro performance.

First off the performance is great. I'm no Digital Foundry but it seems to hold a steady 30FPS 99% of the time. There was some slowdown during the very first planet I landed on (Habitat 7) because of some effects going on, but quickly went right back up. There were no slowdowns during firefights, biotics, shooting, or anything else like that which is great.

mass effect andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda

Despite noticing a couple bugs, which are to be expected from a Bioware game (from any large open world game, really), as a huge Mass Effect fan he felt like Bioware managed to captured the spirit that made the original trilogy such a widespread success in Andromeda.

Shinobi mentioned combat, environmental storytelling and gameplay animations (albeit not facial ones, which aren't the best in the industry) as the biggest improvements over previous games.

Even though Mass Effect is mostly known for its story campaign, the last installment introduced an online multiplayer cooperative mode that resonated well with fans. It's back with Mass Effect Andromeda and we delved into what changed in our PAX East interview with developer Billy Buskell.

The studio also shared the official gameplay trailer yesterday, you can find it below.

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