Magic Legends Looks a Lot Like Diablo in First Gameplay Trailer


Magic Legends, the MMO action RPG announced a couple of years ago by Wizards of the Coast as being developed by Cryptic Entertainment, got its first gameplay trailer as part of Game Informer's exclusive month-long coverage story.

Given the studio's pedigree (City of Heroes/Villains, Champions Online, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter), we were expecting a fairly traditional MMO in third-person view. Instead, the gameplay trailer makes it clear it'll be much more akin to Diablo with its isometric view. The frame rate looked a bit problematic, too, but of course that is something fixable ahead of the release planned for late 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Game Informer also revealed a bit of gameplay info in its Magic Legends teaser.

Build a deck of 12 cards that constantly cycle, with 4 active cards and a slew of handy abilities to smash your way through endless monsters and maps. Combine buffs, spells, and summons to weave your way through lands from Magic: The Gathering, like Shiv and the Caligo Morass.

The official website has been updated with some details on two of the game's classes, too.


The Mind Mage personifies cool intellect. As a planeswalker that focuses on psychic powers, battle enemies from a safe distance, controlling projectiles with telekinetic powers, and lock down dangerous foes with spells that put them to sleep or turn them against their allies.


The Geomancer draws upon the power of the earth to pummel enemies in close quarters with devastating stone and lava attacks. They are capable of absorbing blows that would otherwise incapacitate other Planeswalkers with their rock shield. Geomancers prefer to call upon creatures like goblins, kavu, and earth elementals.


You'll need to cross various planes to save the Multiverse, but how you weave your path is up to you.


Control the chaos in real-time combat. Strategically choose the spells in your spell library because they'll be drawn at random as you fight.


Discover a myriad of spells and collect spell fragments to make them more powerful.


Choose whether you traverse the planes alone or with up to two other