Magic Legends Crusader Armor Pack Giveaway – 1K Codes Up for Grabs

Magic Legends Crusader Armor Pack

The isometric action RPG Magic Legends recently launched its Open Beta on PC via the Arc and Epic Games Store platforms, as you might recall from our previous coverage. To celebrate the event, Perfect World Entertainment has provided Wccftech with a thousand codes for a Crusader Armor Pack giveaway, which comes with an exclusive costume and some reward boosts as well.

Grab a code down below on a first-come, first-served basis, then follow the instructions to redeem it via Arc.

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Magic: Legends Crusader Armor Pack Giveaway

Crusader Armor Pack

● Crusader Armor - An exclusive costume that is only available through giveaways and cannot be purchased in the game.
● 2x End of Mission Boosts - Increases end-of-mission rewards for spell pages, gold and experience by 100% for the next mission.
● 2x Drop Reward Boosts - Doubles the drop rate of rewards for 30 minutes of play in either instanced or overworld content.

Redemption Instructions
1. Download the Arc Client and log into your account.
2. Click on the gear icon located on the top right of the client.
3. Select “Activate a Product” and enter your code.
4. Log into Magic: Legends and navigate to the in-game Store menu and select the “Classes and Packs” tab.
5. Locate the “Crusader Armor Pack” and “Purchase” it for 0 Zen.
6. The Crusader Armor will be automatically applied to your account. Please visit the Tailor System to access this costume. To claim the boosts, please click on the “Inventory Bag” on the “Store” tab.

*Please note that these codes are only redeemable via the Arc platform on PC and can only be claimed once per account. Items are account-bound. All keys expire December 31, 2022.

Magic Legends will be fully released at some point later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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