Mafia III Stones Unturned DLC Available Now – New Missions, Weapons, Environments & More


2K and and Hangar 13 announced that the Stones Unturned DLC is now available for Mafia III. The second of three DLC expansions available individually or collectively with the Season Pass, Stones Unturned is set to provide a huge amount of additional new content. Check out a detailed overview below.

  • A thrilling new story, hunting down a rival from the past. Join Donovan on a chase to catch former rival Connor Aldridge and his mercenary army, who are on the trail of a downed aircraft carrying hazardous cargo.
  • Dive into the action with fan-favorite John Donovan. Donovan is leaving the motel room and joining Lincoln in the action! He’ll be right alongside you every step of the way, cracking wise as your wingman. That also means we’ll get more great memorable moments with these characters, drawing upon their brotherhood forged during their time in Vietnam.
  • New environments to explore. We’re leaving New Bordeaux and heading to a brand new dense jungle island – something not yet seen in Mafia III. In addition to tracking a downed military plane and its cargo across this new island, we’re also exploring some unseen areas in New Bordeaux while on Aldridge’s trail.
  • Bounty Hunting missions. After completing the story of “Stones Unturned,” team up with new associate Robert Marshall to track and subdue key targets causing unexpected trouble around New Bordeaux.
  • New tools to play with. Lincoln and Donovan are going against a well-armed mercenary force, so they’re going to need a few extra weapons to play with.
  • Weapons: Hop in the back of a vehicle-mounted turret and take out incoming foes, or go loud with the improved grenade launcher and RPG.
  • Sniper Service: You’ll also get the ability to call in Marshall’s Sniper Service to quickly pinpoint and take out enemies.
  • Outfits: Go tactical with the new Jungle Camo commando garb for more serious affairs, or don the Party Animal outfit for a casual look that would fit just right on an island or in a Cuban café.
  • New Fleet Vehicles: The heavy-duty Griffin Borneo Sport joins Lincoln’s fleet after completing the story missions. Make sure to complete all of the bounty hunting missions to get the sporty De’Leo Stiletto, as well as new decals for customizing your ride.

It should be noted that to access this DLC, you'll need to have brought all of the three lieutenants to your side in the storyline. Check out lots of screenshots and the launch trailer below.

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