LG Halts Production of iPhone LCD Panels, Hinting Apple Will Eventually Switch Over to OLED in the Future

Omar Sohail
LG Halts Production of iPhone LCD Panels, Hinting Apple Will Eventually Switch Over to OLED in the Future

Shortly after reporting about LG’s plans to get out of the smartphone business, another update related to the Korean giant’s business is that it will stop producing iPhone LCD panels. 2021 is the year when Apple will likely rely on three suppliers for OLED screens, with LG being one of them, so that is where the company may focus its efforts.

LG Was Previously Supposed to Supply Apple With 2020 iPhone SE LCD Panels, but Failed Quality Requirements

The Elec mentions that LG’s current LCD panel production facility will be converted into an automobile display manufacturing center. In addition to halting iPhone LCD production, LG will no longer produce the same panels for other companies. With Apple said to ship around 180 million OLED iPhones in 2021, this figure potentially means the tech giant plans to overtake OLED iPhone numbers this year. This could be another reason why LG would have been forced to halt production.

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Originally, LG was expected to provide Apple with 2020 iPhone SE LCD screens, but the quality wasn’t up to the mark. Instead, Apple tapped Japan Display and Sharp as the primary suppliers. LG is currently tasked with supplying OLED screens for the iPhone 12 lineup, and it looks like the company will fulfill shipments for the iPhone 13 family.

A previous report talked about Apple releasing the 2021 iPhone SE in April. With LG no longer producing LCD screens, it’s likely the Cupertino tech behemoth will rely on other suppliers to fill the gap. Even right now, Apple continues to sell the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR on its website, indicating that while OLED iPhone shipments will reach a new number this year, it’s not done with LCD-based models right now.

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News Source: The Elec

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