Leaked iPad 5 Case Gives A Glimpse Of Possible New Design


Its not unusual for case manufacturers to get their products ready ahead of a big Apple device launch. So its not a shock to see this leaked iPad 5 case which gives us a glimpse of what the new design of Apple's upcoming tablet can be. A few elements have clearly been borrowed from iPad mini's design, perhaps this is an indication that future iOS devices may all be fashioned in this particular way.

Leaked iPad 5 Case

This leaked iPad 5 case comes from a manufacturer called MiniSuit. They've compared iPad 4, iPad mini and the alleged iPad 5 case and its clear that the upcoming Apple tablet may very well have a design similar to that of iPad mini. Never mind the fact that iPad mini isn't exactly a superb product, but it has been greatly appreciated for its looks and how it feels in the hands of the user. Porting that over to the full-fledged iPad is definitely a no-brainer.

Apple first came out with the iPad back in 2010. This first generation iPad was a huge success and it looked pretty cool too. Though when the iPad 2 was released in 2011, we saw how far Apple could raise the bar when it came to tablet design. Since iPad 2, the company has made no substantial changes to the design of its flagship tablet, none were made to iPad 3 and iPad 4. Hopes are pinned on iPad 5 and if we're to put our faith in this leaked iPad 5 case, we just might see Apple releasing its best iPad yet, though they'll just say that anyway.

New iPads have always been released in March, with the exception of iPad 4 which was unexpectedly released late last year. MiniSuit claims that the iPad 5 is going to be announced in June. This time frame seems plausible, as Apple holds its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in the Summer, and has used this occasional to announce multiple new iPhone models. Also, don't forget the rumour about an iPhone 5S being announced at WWDC 2013.

There's just one tiny thing we should all keep in mind. Its not a safe bet to form an idea of an upcoming product based on case leaks. In the past they have proved to be quite wrong, which substantiates that case manufacturers aren't exactly in the loop when it comes to design of future Apple products.

Nevertheless, tell us, do you think this leaked iPad 5 case can actually turn out to be true?