Fifth Generation iPad 5 looks more like a Giant iPad Mini


Early morning today in a press release Apple confirmed its massive iPad 4 with 128 GB of storage. With the confirmation of this new 4th generation Apple tablet, speculations about the upcoming iPad 5 are rolling in already. The photos being revealed by some sources are confirming the expectations with a case matching that of iPad Mini, fifth generation, 9.7 inch display machine might appear closer to October this year.

The new iPad 5 that is being shown by 9to5Mac is much closer in appearance to iPad Mini than that of original iPad with slightly rounded corners and flattened color back. The variant that you are seeing with a black antenna cut to the top of the plate suggests that this one looks to be the mobile-connected (4G LTE perhaps) with the same mini model shown right next to it.

The next iPad had been expected to launch somewhere around March but recent events indicate that it might not be hitting the market earlier than October.

Fourth gen iPad4, the biggest from Apple yet in terms of storage is carrying all the same goodies of 4th gen iPads of last year with same Lightning connector, Retina display and iOS6 with a new processor following the 16GB, 32 and 64GB storage options. According to a spokesperson:

'Companies regularly utilising large amounts of data such as 3D CAD files, X-rays, film edits, music tracks, project blueprints, training videos and service manuals all benefit from having a greater choice of storage options for iPad,' …'The over 10 million iWork users, and customers who rely on other incredible apps like Global Apptitude for analysing team film and creating digital playbooks, Auria for an incredible 48 track recording system, or AutoCAD for drafting architectural and engineering drawings, also benefit greatly from having the choice of an iPad with more storage capacity.'

This version of iPad is thinner than all of the past iterations, with similar looking lock/mute, volume buttons and back facing camera still without a flash and a microphone hole in the center back of the device and overall a very sleek look. For the 5th generation iPad 5 we are supposed to wait another few months - till October it is then!