iPhone XR Screen Repair, Other Damage Pricing Details Revealed – Here’s Everything You Need to Know


In case you want to buy the cheapest of the three iPhones released this year and want to tempt fate by foregoing AppleCare+ to enact further cost savings, Apple has just revealed how much iPhone XR repairs would cost without its protection plan to let you know what’s at stake. The good news is that the fee for repairing the display is much lower than we anticipated. However, any other form of damage inflicted on the iPhone XR, and you’ll have to pay much higher than that. Here is everything you need to know about the pricing details.

iPhone XR Screen Repairs Cost Mount to Just $199, but Should Anything Else Get Damaged, You’ll Be Paying a Lot More

According to Apple’s latest announcement, the AppleCare+ fees for the iPhone XR is the same as that for its other phones, but ‘out of warranty’ fees are a lot lower when compared to the retail price of the phone. The repair cost is far more affordable as compared to what you’d end up paying for the iPhone XS but is it is still not cheap. It would cost you $199 to get the screen of the iPhone XR repaired, while other damages would cost you $399. The difference in pricing exists because repairs other than that for the screen would entail replacing the back glass, the chassis, and the faulty innards of the phone.

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So, in essence, the repair would just be like a replacement. The repair pricing for the iPhone XR is at the same level as the iPhone 8 Plus, which makes sense as both the phones have a large LCD screen. The screen repair price for iPhone XR is $30 more than that for the iPhone 8 Plus, but everything else remains the same.

Comparatively, it costs $279 and $329 to get the screens of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max repaired, respectively, with other damages resulting in a bill of $549 for the iPhone XS and a whopping $599 for the iPhone XS Max. Pricing for AppleCare+ remains the same, with the screen repairs costing $29 and other damages incurring a bill of $99. With AppleCare+, you will also get a free battery service which would cost you $69 otherwise.

If you having trouble with the pricing details still, we have compiled a table which provides information related to the screen repair cost and how much it would cost set you back to damage a different part of the 2018 iPhone lineup.

2018 iPhone lineup screen repair pricing and other detailsScreen repairingDamages other than screen repairing
iPhone XR$199$349
iPhone XS$279$549
iPhone XS Max$329$599

News Source: Apple