Galaxy S10 Screen Replacement Costs Are so High, You’re Better off Buying a New Phone


High-end smartphones are not just expensive to buy, they can be really costly to repair too. Take the recently released Galaxy S10 series as an example. The price begins at $749 for the Galaxy 10e and goes up to $999 for the Galaxy S10 Plus and remember, the aforementioned prices are for the base models. According to the official screen repair rates released in China, it could be nearly as costly to repair the Galaxy S10 phones as their retail price.

The Galaxy S10 Series Has a New Display Technology Which Perhaps Explains Why the Repairs Are so Ridiculously High

Samsung has revealed the screen replacement prices for the Galaxy S10 series in China. For replacing the damaged screen of the Galaxy S10e, customers will have to pay 5,350 yuan or about $800. The cost will go up to 6,450 yuan or $960 for the Galaxy S10, and 7,100 yuan or $1,060 for the Galaxy S10 Plus. These rates are for the Galaxy S10 phones that are no longer covered by warranty or phones that haven’t passed the warranty period but their display was damaged because of an accident.

Galaxy S10 Series Now Receiving Android 12 Update

It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy S10 phones sport the Infinity-O display, which partly explains the high repair cost. Moreover, as iFixit recently found out, the ultrasonic in-display scanner is built into the screen so if anything goes wrong with the sensor, the whole display will have to be changed.

Although the screen replacement costs for other regions haven’t been revealed, they are likely to be similar. This means that it might be a better idea to get a new phone instead of getting the display repaired. To be on the safe side, handle your phone with care and if you want to go the extra mile, get a glass protector to minimize the likelihood of damage in case your Galaxy S10 falls down.

It is also a good idea to get a high quality case to protect the edges of any Galaxy S10 model. If you’re paying a minimum of $749, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to accumulate a small sum to purchase a top-tier case accessory for your new purchase. Always remember; better be safe than sorry.

News Source: ePrice