iPhone X Saw the Most Activations During the Holiday Season – Here Are the Numbers


Apple saw a massive sales surge of the iPhone X during Black Friday, with approximately 6 million units of the edge-to-edge flagship sold. A fresh report details that the phone happened to be the most activated handset during the holiday season and more accurately during Thanksgiving. Here are the details that you want to know.

Pixel 2 in a Very Competitive Spot With the iPhone X as the Latter Experienced a Growth of 47 Percent for New Device Activations

According to data published by Localytics, both the iPhone X experienced a growth of 47 percent for new device activations when you check out the past four weekends. The Pixel 2 surprisingly had a great run these past four weekends, but looking at the Galaxy Note 8, which is supposed to end up doing better thanks to Samsung’s massive smartphone market share, the phablet sure did lag behind its rival devices.

Modded iPhone X Featuring a USB-C Port Sells for a Jaw-Dropping $86,001 on eBay

Part of the reason why the iPhone X managed to end up doing so well was thanks to its massive design change coupled with numerous hardware changes and support for fast and wireless charging. With an edge-to-edge display that practically reduces the overall footprint of the phone despite increasing its total screen real estate, the design change was a feature that might have compelled consumers to upgrade immediately.

Localytics believes that Apple’s big pricing bet on the iPhone X has finally paid off.

“With three new smartphones launched this year (iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus), it’s fascinating to observe the dynamics of which devices and price points are most attractive. Apple’s big bet on the iPhone X - it’s most expensive model to date - seems to be paying off, as reflected by the 47% lift in new activations over the Thanksgiving weekend.”

What reasons do you believe are such that consumers might have picked up the iPhone X during Thanksgiving period? Let us know down in the comments right away.

News Source: Localytics