World’s First Waterproof USB-C iPhone X Gets Sold, but Not Even Close to What Was Anticipated


The world’s first waterproof iPhone X sporting a USB-C port was no easy feat to achieve, and naturally, the maker wanted to bank on his efforts. Unfortunately, compared to the previous iPhone X that featured a USB-C port, which was not waterproof just to remind you, the latest one sold for a lot less, as you will soon find out.

Latest Waterproof iPhone X With USB-C Port Sold for Only $3,000 on eBay

The listing of the waterproof iPhone X shows that the bidding has ended, with a stamped price of $3,000. According to the information posted on eBay, there appears to have been just a single bid, with the bidding concluded on January 29. The details of the modded handset are provided below.

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“The Usb-C port is used to charge the phone and transfer data between the phone and computer. This modified Usb-C port works unidirectional instead of bidirectional. There are different Usb-C standards. I guarantee functionality only with the supplied cable and charger. The Usb-C to Lightning chip does not support fast charging, so high-powered chargers should not be used.

The phone is IPX7 waterproof like the original iPhone X. This means protection against ingress of water by total submersion for a limited time (1 meter deep for 30 minutes). I do not recommend exposing the phone to these circumstances more often! The water protection is only intended to be able to clean the mobile phone regularly with water.

Please note that this is a prototype and not a verified product. Therefore, I guarantee nothing in terms of functionality and waterproofness! Since this is a private sale, there is no guarantee, warranty or right of return.”

A $3,000 sale price is significantly pale in comparison to the whopping $86,001 paid for a previous iPhone X sporting a USB-C port, and in case you did not go through our earlier info, that particular model was not waterproof. It is disappointing that Gernot Jöbstl, who was responsible for the modding process, was not able to receive a noteworthy compensation for his efforts.

At least he will have sufficient funds to fork over once the iPhone 14 lineup drops later this year. If you want to check out the video of how the waterproof USB-C iPhone X was created, it is posted below.

News Source: eBay

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