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iPhone X Display Resolution, CPU Frequency and 512GB Storage Model Listed Before Official Unveiling


Our readers are definitely thirsty for more iPhone X hardware specifications and apart from the 512GB model we talked about earlier, other details such as the display resolution and processor speed have also been leaked.

CPU Speed of iPhone X Listed as 2.5GHz While OLED Screen Resolution Is Higher Than FHD but Lower Than Galaxy Note 8’s QHD+ Barrier

According to the leaked image coming out of Twitter, the iPhone X is going to be offered in three storage models:

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  • 64GB
  • 256GB
  • 512GB

It also shows that the processor frequency is listed as 2.50GHz. However, what’s interesting to note here is that this is possibly the frequency of the low-power cores talked about in Apple’s A11 SoC since there the number ‘4’ has been listed in the image.

With two performance cores supplemented by four efficient ones, we are certain the frequency of the powerful cores is expected to be higher than this, and we can all thank Apple’s chip design prowess and the 10nm FinFET architecture.

Coming to the resolution, Apple’s phablet-sized phones feature a 1080p IPS LCD screen, but with the iPhone X transitioning towards OLED technology, the company thought it could up the total number of pixels seeing as how this tech can deliver major benefits when it comes to battery life conservation.

The resolution has been listed as 2,436 x 1,125, which makes it higher than the iPhone 7 Plus’ 1080p display but lower than the QHD+ resolution of the Galaxy Note 8.

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We’d still advise you to wait for our timely coverage as that will detail everything there is to know about Apple’s upcoming jewel.

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News Source: Twitter (VenyaGeskin1)