Apple A11 Processor Detailed – 2 High-Power Cores Supplemented by 4 Efficient Cores to Overtake A10 Fusion Performance

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Apple A11 SoC to Feature 2 Performance and 4 Efficient Cores, According to Leaked Info

Apple second SoC based on TSMC’s 10nm FinFET architecture is the A11 chipset that’s expected to power the upcoming iPhone family. Details of the chip reveals that the company intends to up the total number of cores, resulting in greater performance than what the A10 Fusion brought to the table.

A11 Expected to Bulldoze the Competition - All 6 Cores Can Run in Unison When Required for Demanding Tasks, According to Leaked Information

A leaked tweet previously detailed that A11 was going to feature 4 performance cores, with the remaining two belonging to the efficient side of things. However, the leakster corrected his statement by revealing that two will be able to deliver groundbreaking performance for a smartphone, while the remaining four would tackle the less intensive operations.

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It should be noted that these 6 cores be also simultaneously to ensure optimum performance during serious tasks. Normally, manufacturers limit the functioning of either the performance cores or the efficient cores to ensure better battery life and we believe that this activity has been taking place in the A10 Fusion to deliver better screen-on time for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

With TSMC’s 10nm FinFET architecture, Apple was at liberty to increase the number of cores and even after maintaining the number of performance cores on the iPhone 8 and last year’s iPhone family, it should effortlessly be able to slice through the competition.

No other details have been provided regarding the A11 chipset, so we’ll have to wait for Apple’s September 12 keynote to deliver more statistics and performance differences in their detailed charts.

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News Source: Twitter (never_released)

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