New iPhone SE, Older iPhone 11 and iPhone XR Models Won’t Have Wired EarPods or Charger in Their Packaging


The iPhone 12 family became the first from Apple to ship without wired EarPods or a power adapter. The company claims that its goal is to reduce electronic waste while also decreasing the packaging size by up to 70 percent. Also, it’s not financially difficult to nab yourself some decent Bluetooth-enabled earphones as well as a power brick. However, those who wanted to pick up the 2020 iPhone SE, the iPhone 11, or the iPhone XR will find that Apple will no longer be providing the aforementioned accessories either.

At Least Apple Will Provide a USB-C to Lightning Cable

Instead of bundling wired EarPods or a power adapter, Apple will instead bundle a USB-C to Lightning cable with the packaging of the 2020 iPhone SE, the iPhone 11, or the iPhone XR, depending on which model you end up choosing. Looks like apart from reducing the price of both of the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, Apple also took away some of the freebies it normally gives to its loyal consumer base.

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At least you’re getting a USB-C to Lightning cable right? Well, another disappointing find here is that this USB-C to Lightning cable isn’t braided, meaning that it will be open to additional wear and tear if you use it roughly. We strongly recommend that if you’re the kind of customer that isn’t used to keeping the original accessories for a significantly long time, then you should purchase certified, third-party cables from reputable brands such as Anker, Tronsmart, or Aukey.

These are not just cheaper, but they tout better durability than the USB-C to Lightning cable Apple will bundle with the new iPhone SE, iPhone 11, and the iPhone XR. A lot of readers might be bitter about the technology giant’s decision, but if you think with a sound head, you’ll know that customers hardly use the accessories bundled in the packaging unless they provide actual value to them, such as a high-wattage charger, for example.

With that being said, do you think it was the right decision from Apple to remove wired EarPods and a power adapter from the iPhone SE, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR? Tell us down in the comments.