Apple Could Unveil a 5.7-inch iPhone SE as Early as 2023; 2022 Model’s Display Size Unchanged

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Apple Could Unveil a 5.7-inch iPhone SE as Early as 2023; 2022 Model’s Display Size Unchanged

If you were expecting a design change to arrive for the 2022 iPhone SE, numerous reports have laid rest to those rumors, including the latest update. However, a screen bump to 5.7 inches from 4.7 inches can be expected for the version that arrives in 2023.

iPhone SE With Larger Display Could Also Be Delayed to 2024 if Things Do Not Go According to Plan

Analyst Ross Young believes that the upcoming iPhone SE, which is said to be unveiled in March or April, could be called the ‘iPhone SE+ 5G’, and it would feature a 4.7-inch IPS LCD as the one announced back in 2020. Young has commented on this lack of design change before too, with a different tipster claiming that we should only expect hardware upgrades this year.

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While that tipster does comment that we should prep ourselves for a massive design change in 2024, which would include a resemblance to the iPhone XR or iPhone 11, Young remarks that this particular release may happen as early as 2023. Unfortunately, the display size could see a reduction from 6.1 inches to 5.7 inches. The only two iPhones that come close to that screen size is the iPhone X and iPhone XS, but both measure 5.8 inches and have long been discontinued.

It is possible for Apple to adjust the panel size a little bit, incorporate the aforementioned models with updated hardware and re-launch it as the 2023 iPhone SE at a lower price. We also reported about some low-cost iPhone renders that resembled the iPhone XR with a notch at the top and a single rear-facing camera. However, the information published alongside those renders stated that the launch of this particular version would happen later this year, not 2023.

Considering that Young has a better track record, we are inclined to believe that Apple will stick to the same design as it did with the current iPhone SE, which includes prominent top and bottom bezels, a Touch ID-enabled Home Button, and 5G support. Are you excited about this model, or do you prefer to wait and see what Apple has in store in 2023? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Ross Young

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