iPhone SE 3 Won’t Be Arriving During H1, 2021, Claims Notable Analyst


Apple’s strategy of releasing an affordable but powerful 2020 iPhone SE has paid off, as this model paired with the iPhone 11 from last year alone made up more than 50 percent of all U.S.-based iPhone sales for Q3, 2020. So that would mean the iPhone SE 3 would be just around the corner, right? Not quite, and though a launch might happen in 2021, it isn’t going to be as early as expected.

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A fresh prediction by TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that the iPhone SE 3 isn’t arriving during the first half of 2020. This would be very puzzling to hear because the $399 iPhone SE launched in April of this year, so why wouldn’t it release a newer, more feature-enriched successor for the masses? It’s possible that the current-generation iPhone SE is already doing so well in the market, Apple doesn’t need to launch an iPhone SE 3 this early.

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The same analyst predicted that the 2020 iPhone SE would sell around 20 million units, so there’s also a possibility Apple is yet to reach this figure. As most of you know, the technology giant no longer reports unit sales during its quarterly earnings, so we can only rely on estimates right now. Even if the iPhone SE 3 will launch in late 2021, it may bring about some changes to Apple’s iPhone lineup. Firstly, according to a tipster, the 2020 iPhone SE price might reduce by up to $100 in 2021. This implies that a newer model may arrive during the same year, but a timeline wasn’t mentioned.

However, those expecting to see an A14 Bionic on the iPhone SE 3 might get disappointed as the new model is rumored to feature the same A13 Bionic running in the 2020 iPhone SE. This doesn’t make the A13 Bionic any less impressive, as some early Snapdragon 875 benchmarking results show Apple’s chipset beating it in single-core tests while being marginally slower in the multi-core run.

While an iPhone SE 3 launch does seem promising, nothing is confirmed for the time being, so we’ll recommend you treat all this information with a pinch of salt for now and await more updates from our side.

News Source: MyFixGuide