iPhone SE 3 Dummies Show Same Design as iPhone 8, but No Touch ID Home Button Present

Omar Sohail
iPhone SE 3 Dummies Show Same Design as iPhone 8, but No Touch ID Home Button Present

The iPhone SE 3 planned for a reported release in March or April looks to be unchanged in design compared to the previous-generation version that launched back in 2020. However, the latest 3D printed dummies might have a different story to tell because while they may resemble the iPhone 8, they are missing a notable feature, and that is the Touch ID Home Button.

Single Rear Camera, Compact Design Are Attributes of the iPhone SE 3 Dummies

David from @xleaks7 has collaborated with Pigtou to bring these 2022 iPhone SE dummies, though we want to remind readers that he shared renders of another iPhone, claiming them to showcase the iPhone SE 3. Those renders revealed a notch at the top and the absence of a Home Button that made the device resemble more like the iPhone XR and less like the iPhone 8.

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Now, these 3D dummies look nothing like that iPhone XR-lookalike, except for the single rear camera, but there are no visible indications of a notch. However, no Home Button can be a sign of a design change, as the report notices this too. It is possible that during the designing process, the people who were responsible for making these dummies accidentally left out the Home Button.


All signs are pointing towards Apple keeping the same chassis as the iPhone 8 when launching the iPhone SE 3. Display analyst Ross Young has commented previously that Apple is expected to call it the iPhone SE+ 5G, and it will arrive with hardware upgrades. For those wanting to see a fresh design, Young has predicted that Apple could launch this particular version in 2023. A tipster previously shared his views on the 2022 iPhone SE, stating that the design will remain unchanged.

However, he predicts that Apple may launch a redesigned low-cost iPhone resembling an iPhone XR or iPhone 11 in 2024, not 2023 as Young has predicted. The iPhone SE 3 could be accompanied by a competitive price tag, but there is no telling if Apple will discontinue the current version. What we do know is that this year is going to be an exciting one as far as unveilings go and we will update our readers on what comes next.

News Source: Coverpigtou

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