iPhone Sales Could See a Near-50 Percent Increase in Q1, 2021 Compared to Last Year; iPhone 12 Exceeding Expectations

Omar Sohail
iPhone Sales Could See a near-50 Percent Increase in Q1, 2021 Compared to Last Year; iPhone 12 Exceeding Expectations

iPhone sales are picking up, in part due to the strong demand for the iPhone 12 series. According to the latest report, Apple could see a 49 percent increase in total iPhone numbers, with only the iPhone 12 mini underperforming expectations.

Apple Could Sell as Many as 55 Million iPhones in Q1, 2021

A report from Cowen analysts predicts that the surging demand of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max will allow Apple to ship as many as 55 million iPhones in Q1, 2021. This figure is up from an estimated 51 million iPhone shipments from Cowen’s previous data. While Apple isn’t seeing much success from the iPhone 12 mini, with the 5.4-inch model being the worst-selling out of the four for the October to November period, there’s an increasing demand for the other three versions.

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Despite reportedly ordering a two million production cut for the iPhone 12 mini, Apple may not look too bothered, as the remaining three are expected to cover up that loss. In fact, the series's success is so significant that even the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 became the most popular 5G-ready smartphone for October 2020. This is impressive because the model was officially released on October 23.

In short, it took the iPhone 12 just a few days to achieve a massive user base. Due to the increasing demand, Apple has been reported to increase iPhone production by 30 percent for the first half of 2021. Assuming this momentum continues through the end of this year, Apple could end up shipping a record 250 million iPhones. The previous record was held by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Looking at the success of the iPhone 12, it’s likely Apple will stick to the same number of models with its iPhone 13 series release. Since the 2021 iPhone range is said to arrive on schedule, perhaps it could mean greater success for Apple, as accessibility to the newer models for customers will mean the technology giant will have a few more months to register a high number of shipments.

We’ll be monitoring Apple’s progress closely, and like always, we’ll provide our readers with timely updates, so stay tuned.

News Source: AppleInsider

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