iPhone 8 Has a Face Recognition System That Will Unlock the Phone in ‘Millionths of a Second’, Claims Latest Report

Omar Sohail
iPhone 8 facial recognition unlock speed

The rumor mill continues to grind valuable information pertaining to the security features of the iPhone 8. A report claims that the facial recognition’s unlocking speed will be so wicked fast that users will be able to unlock the device within a millionth of a second. Now if the actual security feature is as fast as it is being rumored to be, will we be able to forget about Touch ID?

Touch ID Might Continue to Function on iPhone 8 for Payments Facilitation - Facial Recognition Also Rumored to Kick in While Phone Is Sitting Flat on a Desk

According to 9to5mac (via The Korea Herald), the iPhone 8 armed with a facial recognition system will be able to run as follows:

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“The new facial recognition scanner with 3-D sensors can deeply sense a user’s face in the millionths of a second.”

No one likes a slow security system, especially on their phone but the prospect of having a convenient security system might also thrill you enough to purchase the iPhone 8. Previous rumors have claimed that the phone will be able to recognize the owner’s face and unlock it while it is sitting flat on a surface or desk. Not requiring to unlock the phone with your fingerprint was a thing or two lacking from the iPhone lineup, but it looks like Apple is going to cover for it.

With such an advanced layer of security expected to be a part of the iPhone 8, what is the future of Touch ID? We believe that it will continue to remain on future devices on account that it can be used to facilitate payments through Apple Pay or for transferring funds from person to person.

Having more security features is always a requirement on smartphones but there are varied preferences for users on how they want to unlock their devices. It will definitely be a treat watching the iPhone 8’s facial recognition at work so we want all of our readers to be a part of it when we make our announcement in the coming days.

News Source: The Korea Herald

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