First Real Photo Of iPhone 7 Plus Leaked Online – Dual Cameras And Smart Connector Shown Off


The first ever alleged real photo of the iPhone 7 Plus has leaked online and it shows off a rear dual camera setup as well as an iPad Pro like Smart Connector on the back.

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First Alleged Photo Of iPhone 7 Plus Leaks Online - Shows Off Dual Camera Lens Setup, Smart Connector At The Back

It's been rumored that the iPhone 7 will take up some serious design changes, such as missing antenna lines from the back, no headphone jack to make the device thinner as well as dual camera lenses at the back. Now it seems we can add one more feature to the roaster - a Smart Connector, revealed to us courtesy of a leaked photo alleged to be of the iPhone 7 Plus. Have a look yourself.

We've been hearing chatter on the Web for a long time that the iPhone 7 will do away with the protruding camera lens, giving the device a slicker profile, the way it's always meant to be. But if today's leak is taken into account, then it seems as though at least one iPhone model, apparently the larger of the two, will have a protruding camera lens.

The interesting thing to note in this leak is the inclusion of the Smart Connector at the rear. The same connector on the iPad Pro is used to hook the tablet to accessories, and we're certain that it will serve its purpose in the same way on the iPhone as well. It will also pave the way for even more smarter battery related accessories, but of course, that remains to be seen.

It's worth mentioning here that it's unclear whether or not this is a legit photo of the device itself as the actual launch is months away from now. Therefore we advise our readers to take the above leak with a pinch of salt till the point someone shows up to confirm this leak altogether.

Things will take a turn for better, or worse, depending on how you look at it, when it becomes clear if all iPhone models will feature the same features across the board, or whether or not the dual camera setup and Smart Connector is reserved for the larger of the two handsets.

Apple launches new iPhone models at the end of the year and it's highly likely that it will do so in 2016 as well. Keep yourself tuned in to our coverage to learn more about the iPhone 7 as more leaks are made available!