Battery Life Woes on the Latest iOS 8

The latest mobile OS from Apple brought in a lot of new features and improvements in an attempt to make the user experience better and more enriched. Apple iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch released yesterday is a launch packed with in-house features and third party widgets and keyboards. With this much a load of features and integration burden comes the obvious worry of battery life. Are you too worried about iOS 8 battery life and are shying away from installing the latest OS on your device? This post will be helpful for you to see how each device fares on the updated mobile OS.ios 8 tips

iOS 8 vs iOS 7 – Complete Pictorial Comparison

iOS 8 battery life:

Apple's latest iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch brings interactive notifications, improved Camera and Mail apps, new Messages app, custom widgets in notifications, third-party keyboards, better integration with OS X and iCloud, a brand new iCloud Drive and a lot more! The package seems almost hard to not have on your own iOS device. Interested in knowing thus how iOS 8 battery performs on difference iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models? Here is a quick chart to help you out. This iOS 8 battery life test is conducted by ArsTechnica and surely shows a little ups and downs here and there.ios 8 battery

As you can see from the ArsTechnica Wi-Fi battery test results above, there isn't any major impact on the iOS 8 battery life on your devices. However, earlier we saw a lot of users who are using the iPhone 4s that they are suffering major battery issues. The equation is not that easier this time as it is no more the closed-Apple environment. There are a lot of features, third party support that could have an impact on the overall iOS 8 battery life.

Let us know about your device and how it is faring on the iOS 8 so far. Are you regretting to have updated to iOS 8 so quickly?

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