Bezel-Less iPhone 6 Component Leaked Image Shows Major Design Overhaul


A recent leaked image of iPhone 6 display component is suggesting some major design overhaul. The iPhone 6 leaked image shows the digitizer of an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 6 side by side. The image shows that iPhone 6 would sport a bigger display, however, the size would be similar to the iPhone 5!iphone 6 leaked image

iPhone 6 leaked image of display:

How is that possible? Well, seems like Apple may have decided to go bezel-less with iPhone 6. It may sport a lager display but this wouldn't affect the size of the smartphone. This bigger display is achieved by removing the side bezels and also increasing the screen estate vertically.

The authenticity of these leaks is not yet confirmed. These iPhone 6 leaked images first appeared on a Chinese forum WeiPhone. However, the forum does not share the source of the original poster and how s/he obtained these images.

According to reports, the person who took the pictures of these digitizers may have easily tampered with the glass to make it look like the display of iPhone 6. If you look at the Home button on iPhone 6, it looks rather odd and seems like being a tampered iPhone 5 phone.

However, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of these being prototype digitizer of the iPhone 6 that Apple may have ordered from the suppliers.iphone 6 leaked imageiphone 6 leaked image

- Apple is highly expected to launch a larger display iPhone this year.

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