iPhone 13 Lineup to Feature a Smaller Notch, Different Earpiece Location, According to Allegedly Leaked Front Glass Image


Apple is said to reduce the notch’s size for the iPhone 13 series, and during late September, we will see if this choice gets materialized. To add weight to the rumor of Apple’s plan to reduce the notch’s size, a leaked front glass showing various models has allegedly leaked, showing the potential design changes the company plans on undertaking.

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iRepair, a Greek repair service provider, has sent MacRumors what appears to be the front glass of various iPhone 13 models. According to the image, there are three glass panels, supposedly belonging to the 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch iPhone 13 versions. As you can see, the notch’s size is significantly reduced compared to the iPhone 12 series. Also, if you look closely, the earpiece has been relocated to the top bezel.

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MacRumors has not provided an explanation as to why the earpiece’s location has been changed but we will find out once detailed teardown videos are published later in the year. This will be the first time since the iPhone X launch that Apple will reduce the notch’s size, granting a small amount of screen real estate for users. The four iPhone 13 models expected to see a release in late September will likely sport the same iPad Pro-like design as the iPhone 12, with a tipster stating that the design could see a few extra steps, whatever that means.

If you thought that Apple would get rid of the notch entirely, a tipster called MauriQHD claims that the company is testing out a notchless variant of the iPhone 13, but it sports bigger bezels for some reason. While the company might test out several prototypes, do not expect any iPhone 13 model releasing later this year to ship without a notch. However, there is a possibility that Apple replaces the notch with a punch-hole front-facing camera for the 2022 iPhone 14 range, so we are looking forward to that too.

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News Source: MacRumors