No Power Adapter or Wired EarPods Will Be Included in the iPhone 12 Packaging, Suggests iOS 14.2 Code Leak


As we move closer and closer to the iPhone 12 launch, it has become apparent that Apple doesn’t intend on bundling the essential accessories with the newer models. According to a minor code tweak found in iOS 14.2, Apple may force customers to purchase wired EarPods as well as a power adapter separately.

In the Place of Wired EarPods and Power Adapter, Apple Is Rumored to Bundle a Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable

Codes found in iOS 14 as well as previous versions provide a mention of reducing exposure to RF energy by using the ‘supplied headphones’. MacRumors reports that Apple has used the same wording for years now, but according to the latest minor code tweak, the iPhone 12 packaging could receive a change too. The latest change shows that the wording in iOS 14.2 has been changed to just ‘headphones’, removing the word ‘supplied’ in the process.

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With the removal of the word ‘supplied’ it’s obvious that Apple isn’t intending to ‘supply’ wired EarPods or a power adapter with the iPhone 12 lineup. While that does sound unfair, Apple could be looking to reduce production costs while also conserving for the environment as well by reducing electronic waste. There’s a very strong probability that the majority of the customers getting their hands on previously released iPhones won’t bother using the bundled accessories and will likely take advantage of their existing audio and charging accessories.

In the place of wired EarPods and the power adapter, Apple is rumored to provide a braided USB-C to Lightning cable. Images of this accessory have surfaced multiple times, with the sleeving surrounding the cable expected to deliver additional durability, allowing it to withstand more wear and tear, resulting in an improved lifespan. Keep in mind that Apple has never ever provided a braided USB-C to Lightning cable with any iPhone or iPad model so far, so this will be a first.

It’s also not confirmed if the savings Apple will gain by not bundling wired EarPods or a power adapter will be passed onto the customers or not. Chances are the Cupertino tech behemoth will be viewing this as an opportunity to improve its profit margin. What is your stance on the lack of accessories being provided with the iPhone 12 in the latest leak? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: MacRumors