Tipster Says Apple Probably Won’t Ship Earphones With the iPhone 12


We covered back in May that Apple's iPhone 12 packaging might not include Earphones out of the box in order to boost its AirPods sales. While we wish it wasn't true, a tipster has pointed it out again that this might indeed be the situation. Apple has been bundling the earphone with every iPhone for a long time. The company still provided the earphones when it killed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

iPhone 12 Might Not Ship With Wired Earphones Out of the Box

According to the latest, the tipster has tweeted that Apple might omit the earphones in the iPhone 12 packaging. This is not the first time that we're hearing the news about the omission of the earphones. Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the reason Apple might go with the decision is to increase its AirPods sales. For Apple, it makes perfect sense. People not opting to buy AirPods is because they already get one in the box.

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It is also possible that Apple might promote the AirPods to a greater level if it is deciding to not include earphones with the iPhone 12. Kuo also predicted that the AirPods sales will range between 80 to 93 million units this year.

Barclays also published a similar report citing that the Cupertino-giant is not only looking to omit the earphones but also the charger. Apple has shipped a charger with every iPhone that it has launched up until now. We really hope this does not turn out to be true but as of now, the rumors keep piling up. Today's tip only puts more affirmation on the previous rumors.

iPhone 12 Earphones

Earphones might be an exception but a charger is a necessity if you're getting an iPhone. We do not certainly mean that it is okay for Apple to omit the earphones with the iPhone 12. However, we would just have to wait for more leaks and rumors to judge whether the iPhone-maker is looking to go with the decision. Also, take note that the final decision rests with Apple and it might be too early to make any solid conclusions.

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