iPhone 12 Camera to Include One ‘World Facing’ 3D Sensor to Provide Better AR-Related Experiences

iPhone 12 Camera to Include One ‘World Facing’ 3D Sensor to Provide Better AR-Related Experiences

The iPhone 12 camera is said to receive a number of upgrades, according to one report, with a new set of info detailing that at least one model from the upcoming lineup will feature a rear-facing laser-powered Time-of-Flight 3D sensor. The addition of this camera is expected to improve AR-related experiences and possibly deliver better imaging quality at the same time.

Apple Has Reportedly Tapped Lumentum to Provide VSCEL Lasers for the 3D Camera Belonging to the iPhone 12

According to a report from Fast Company citing sources that are familiar with Apple’s plans, the iPhone 12 camera will be upgraded thanks to the partnership between the tech giant and Lumentum. The supplier is expected to provide VCSEL lasers that will probably fuel the ‘world facing’ 3D ToF sensor present at the back of the iPhone 12. In case you didn’t know, VCSEL, or vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers debuted in the iPhone X from back in 2017, but was located at the front to which Apple referred to as the TrueDepth camera for facial recognition purposes.

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Apple has hired Lumentum to supply it with TrueDepth sensors, but with the iPhone 12 camera, the California-based tech behemoth is expected to exclusively receive hardware from its partner. As for which models we can expect this year, a previous report talks about a total of four variants arriving later this year. However, it’s possible that the most premium model, possibly named the iPhone 12 Pro Max could feature this rear-facing 3D ToF camera.

This version could be larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max by offering a diagonal display size that measures 6.7 inches. The larger footprint can also mean Apple will have sufficient room to incorporate a capable camera system, hence we believe that this model will have that ‘world facing’ camera. To what extent will this have an improvement on the overall imaging and video capture of the upcoming iPhone 12 series, we’ll find out in the future.

Considering that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is currently enjoying a top spot in DxOMark’s imaging and video reviews, we expect great things from the iPhone 12 camera, so stay tuned for more updates.

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News Source: Fast Company

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