iPhone 11 Inventory Drops to Zero in New York City Thanks to Coronavirus Outbreak, Report Retailers

iPhone 11 Inventory Drops to Zero in New York City Thanks to Coronavirus Outbreak

The iPhone 11 became the second-best-selling smartphone model globally in 2019 but that’s not the reason for the extreme shortage of stock for this version. According to retailers based in New York City, inventory of Apple’s $699 model has almost dried up or at zero, and it’s mostly due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We got a shipment and it didn’t have any iPhones in it – just flip phones and Samsungs.”

Sadly, employees haven’t provided a release date of shipments either, meaning that customers will either have to exercise a lot of patience or think of a new alternative to purchase.

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“We don’t have an ETA on any of the shipments. It’s a Verizon-wide issue.”

The COVID-19 problem has been creating a storm of problems for companies like Apple, with its supply chain reportedly unable to work at 100 percent capacity. Even though a previous report stated that the outbreak wouldn’t hamper the success of the 2020 iPhone 12 launch, a different report states otherwise. It details that the iPhone 12 could be delayed by one month and that even if the iPhone SE 2 unveiling happens on time, it’s highly likely that there’s going to be an extreme shortage of consumer units due to the viral outbreak.

Unfortunately, the launch of both these models is expected much later so for now, Apple will have to figure out a way to curb the extreme supply and demand disparity for the iPhone 11. Additionally, the New York Post reports that even AT&T and Sprint have reportedly low levels of iPhone 11 inventory.

“Indeed, a scan of iPhone availability at Manhattan AT&T stores showed most locations only had one or two devices available in the most popular colors and configurations, if they had any at all.

Sprint stores also showed a low supply of iPhone models available for same-day pick-up according to the company website, though they did offer 3-day shipping for every model.”

Apple currently hasn’t responded on how long this inventory shortage will continue but for the sake of the company’s revenue, it better start picking up in a couple of months.

News Source: The New York Post

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