iPad mini 6 Could Arrive With Apple’s A15 Bionic, USB-C Port Later This Year

Omar Sohail
iPad mini 6 Could Arrive With Apple’s A15 Bionic, USB-C Port Later This Year

Apple’s iPad mini 6 has been reported on previous occasions to sport a fresh design that will include slimmer bezels than the previous-generation model. In addition to that design change, we should also expect ground-breaking performance, as the upcoming tablet is reportedly arriving with an A15 Bionic, the same SoC that will likely fuel the upcoming iPhone 13 series.

New iPad mini 6 Will Reportedly Sport a Smart Connector so the Tablet Can Be Compatible With Future Accessories

The iPad mini 6, which 9to5Mac reports is codenamed J310, will also include a Smart Connector like the M1 iPad Pro lineup and iPad Air 4. This can mean that Apple is planning to introduce a Smart Keyboard accessory with the tablet. The report also claims that just like the aforementioned tablets, the iPad mini 6 will feature a USB-C port, foregoing the Lightning port along the way. In this manner, third-party accessory makers can bring more products for customers to take advantage of.

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However, perhaps the biggest change on the inside is the inclusion of the A15 Bionic. TSMC reportedly kicked off mass production of the chipset back in May, so it will be ready by the time the iPhone 13 series is officially rumored to launch during the third week of September. Unlike Apple’s A14 Bionic, the A15 Bionic is said to be fabricated on TSMC’s N5P process.

The new technology is said to be an improved 5nm node, resulting in increased performance and power-efficiency from the A15 Bionic, and by extension, the iPad mini 6. Unfortunately, the manufacturing process improvement does not mean Apple is expected to increase the CPU core count on the A15 Bionic because it is said to maintain the same 6-core configuration as last year’s A15 Bionic.

Two of those cores will be designed for performance, and the remaining four will be focused on power efficiency. According to previous leaks, the iPad mini 6 will also tout Touch ID, but it will be embedded in the power button, just like the iPad Air 4. The display size could be in between the 8.5-9 inch range, but we feel that the tablet will feature the iPad mini 5’s footprint, and the larger display will be due to the reduction in bezels only.

With the redesigned tablet on track to be released later this year, which change or feature are you excited to see from the iPad mini 6? Let us know down in the comments.

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