iPad Air 2 to be Thinner with Touch ID Integration along with Other Changes

We are just a couple months away from the next gen iPad to pop up in our lives. That essentially means that we need to start looking at how the iPad Air 2 (the 6th generation iPad) is going to offer based on various leaks received in the past many months. Here is a video comprehensively going through alleged iPad Air 2's various features and offerings with the a help of a dummy model.iPhone 6 launch date

iPad Air 2: rumor-roundup!

Based on the a plenty of leaks and speculations we have seen in the past few months, it is almost the right time to get a complete picture of how the iPad 6 (or iPad Air 2) is going to look like along with its features. The video is based on a dummy iPad Air 2 model which beautifully captures all the leaked details in its form.

One of the very apparent and major changes that we can see in this year's iPad Air 2 is its form factor. While iPhone 6 is set to go through a life-changing experience with different form factor, iPad Air 2 will not experience the same. It is actually quite likely as Apple introduced thinner and more powerful iPad Air model last year which did make many a users fall in love with it instantly.ipad air 2

This year too, although not that drastic, iPad Air 2 is expected to come in an even thinner frame. Quite a number of leaks have indicated towards a thinner iPad Air 2 for this year. Apart from thinness, Touch ID fingerprint sensor is a very likely feature for this year's iPad.ipad air 2 Touch ID

As Apple introduced Touch ID with iPhone 5s last year, users weren't quite happy to not see the same in the newly reformed iPad models. This year, Apple is set to satisfy those consumers who are looking forward to have Touch ID fingerprint sensor in their tablets. Not only that, but Apple also is rumored to integrated tweaked Touch ID modules in iPads and iPhones of this year based on user experience of iPhone 5s. So no more traditional home button as 2014 iPad Air will sport a ring-circled home button with fingerprint capability.

You can also see from this video, shared below, based on past months' leaks that Apple will feature a single line of speakers as opposed to double due to iPad thinness. Earlier rumors of front facing speakers don't seem quite plausible, however, we can never rule out last minute surprises.

Apart from these few changes in the iPad Air 2, power key and volume buttons too have a different form with volume keys looking quite recessed in the body of the 2014 iPad Air.

Apple's 2014 iPad Air is expected to launch this fall around November; the tablet will be powered by iOS 8.

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