iPad 6 Wi-Fi + Cellular 32GB Model Can Be Bought With $200 Savings – Here’s How

Omar Sohail
iPad 6 WiFi Cellular model $200 savings

The iPad 6 was recently announced with a $329 price tag for the 32GB model. What if we told you that there was a way that could enable you to purchase the tablet at $200 savings? Well, read on and find out more about this deal.

Before you proceed, please note that both 32GB and 128GB storage models are available to purchase, and also allow you to experience cellular connectivity on the slate. The Wi-Fi + Cellular model will cost you $459 upfront but if you choose to opt for a 2-year contract (through Verizon Wireless only), then you can bring down the price of the tablet by a whopping $200, making it a resultant price of $259.99

If this deal was not good enough, the previous-generation iPad 5 is available at Walmart for a very attractive discount but it does not provide support for the Apple Pencil. The hardware specifications of the iPad 6 consist of its 9.7-inch IPS LCD panel, which is large enough to get a small amount of work done and perfect for watching movies and TV shows for elongated periods thanks to its 10-hour battery life. It also features an Apple A10 Fusion SoC and a 2GB RAM combination, making it a very a capable slate for performing a variety of functions.

The tablet will also be in line to receive the latest software updates for several years before throwing in the towel so this definitely makes it the perfect tablet to last you considerably. We will remind you that the slate features an internal storage of 32GB, which is adequate for the majority of users, plus that $259.99 price makes it an extremely attractive buy, don’t you think?

  • Buy the iPad 6 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model from Best Buy
  • Buy the iPad 5 32GB Wi-Fi only model from Walmart for just $249

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