Get Savings on Apple’s Current-Generation iPad 6 and Previous-Generation iPad 5 [Up to $100 Discount]


Deals for the iPad 6 and iPad 5 are live and if you wanted to purchase an Apple tablet with a cheaper price tag, here is your golden chance to do so. First and foremost, let us run down the specifications of both tablets. The iPad 6 features an A10 Fusion with 2GB of RAM while the iPad 5 from last year features an A9 chipset with the same amount of memory.

Naturally, you will be able to experience better performance with the iPad 6 thanks to the powerful internals, but that also means that you will be required to pay more for it. Both the 32GB and the 128GB versions of the tablet are available at B&H for a discounted price of $299, and $399, respectively. That has resulted in a discount of $30 but keep in mind that the tablet is going to last you more than any Android slate out there in terms of software reliability and software updates.

As for the iPad 5, the higher storage model, which features 128GB of storage gets a price tag of $329, which you can buy right now if you feel that you need the extra storage. However, bear in mind that you only need to add $70 extra and you can get the iPad 6. Also keep in mind that the iPad 6 deals are going to be valid just for today, so if you want to pick one of these up, you will have to make it quick.

Buy the iPad 6 with 32GB storage from B&H

Buy the iPad 6 with 128GB storage from B&H

Buy the iPad 5 with 128GB storage from Walmart