One in Five iPads Sold in 2022 Will Feature an M-Series Chip, Says Latest Report


Apple is reportedly getting serious in turning its iPad line into an unrivaled category, not that it struggled to do that before, but the company’s plans will likely allow it to reach another plateau. That plan is the development of more M-series chips designed for these tablets. According to the latest report, 20 percent of all iPads sold next year will feature an M-series SoC.

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Counterpoint Research believes that in 2022, one if five iPads sold will be packing an M-series chip. If you notice, the report does not specifically mention the M1, which is present in the current-generation iPad Pro, along with other products like the redesigned 24-inch iMac. This suggests that Apple could be working on even more powerful chipsets to make their way into newer models. Considering the company’s engineering prowess in making these chips, it should not be difficult to stuff a powerful silicon inside a new and thin iPad Pro.

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Apple has pulled it off here, so we can expect history to repeat itself in 2022. Also, it is the first time that Apple allows customers to choose higher capacity iPad Pro models up to 2TB, which will also mean customers will gain access to 16GB of RAM. While lower-tier models ship with 8GB RAM, the memory count is higher than what 2020 iPad Pro models were limited to. This means a larger market will be accessible to Apple, which will be able to make use of this much memory and storage.

“Apple introduced the iPad Pro in 2015, featuring the powerful Ax-series chipsets. But over the years, Apple has been looking to bridge the gap between iPads and MacBooks. Introducing Universal Apps that run across Apple devices – iPhone, iPad and Mac – was the first step. The M1 chipset-based iPad Pro is the second step towards bridging the gap.

The M1 iPad Pro is launching around mid-May in key markets such as the US. In other markets, it may take a little longer. The demand for M1-based iPads will be very high but with Apple’s warning about chip shortages in H2 2021, we estimate the share of M-series-based iPads to remain at close to one in ten iPads shipped this year. For the second half this year and the next, we estimate that almost one in five iPads shipped will sport an M-series SoC.”

Creative professional apps like Photoshop and Illustrator for iPad are available, and it might not be long when customers can edit high-quality videos that can actually make use of 16GB RAM and the horsepower of the M1. If you forgot, the M1 is just the start, as Apple is reportedly developing its successor. According to various reports and rumors, the company could either call it the M1X or M2, and if you want to learn more about it, we recommend reading out our detailed roundup, which covers specifications, expected performance gains, and more.

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News Source: Counterpoint Research