Buy the 2021 iPad Pro From the U.S. If You Want the Cheapest Deal; Avoid Brazil at All Costs


If you live in countries like the U.S., Hong Kong, or Canada and want to spend the least amount of money on the 2021 iPad Pro, then these countries are the best places to avail such deals. Unfortunately, there are those regions where the price skyrockets, so avoid those at all costs. This price comparison will help you realize how much you are paying for the iPad Pro in your country.

Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad Pro Models Are Actually Cheaper in Hong Kong Than in the U.S.

Nukeni has compiled a price list for the 11-inch iPad Pro around the world. As mentioned before, the U.S. and Hong Kong are the best places to buy the latest iPad Pro, while Brazil is the country where you will have to pay a ludicrous sum for the tablet. If you do not believe us, check out these pricing comparisons.

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128GB Wi-Fi only

  • The U.S. - $799
  • Hong Kong - $824.29
  • Canada - $832.10
  • Brazil - $1,938.88

256GB Wi-Fi only

  • The U.S. - $899.00
  • Hong Kong - $927.34
  • Canada - $940.38
  • Brazil - $2,154.33

512GB Wi-Fi only

  • The U.S. - $1,099.00
  • Hong Kong - $1,133.45
  • Canada - $1,148.61
  • Brazil - $2,585.23

1TB Wi-Fi only

  • The U.S. - $1,499.00
  • Hong Kong - $1,545.66
  • Canada - $1,565.08
  • Brazil - $3,447.04

2TB Wi-Fi only

  • The U.S. - $1,899.00
  • Hong Kong - $1,957.87
  • Canada - $1,981.55
  • Brazil - $4,308.85

In Brazil, customers will have to spend more than twice the amount of the 2021 iPad Pro sold in the U.S., depending on the storage configuration. Also, for those that wanted a great deal for the cellular version; you would be better off purchasing the iPad Pro from Hong Kong, as those models are much cheaper there than in the U.S. for some reason. You can click on the link below to check out the comparison and also let us know which country you live in so we will know how expensive it is for you to get the iPad Pro.

News Source: Nukeni

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