iOS 8.4.1 Patches All TaiG Jailbreak Exploits; Stay Clear Of The Update

iOS 8.4.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch patches all the exploits necessary to make the TaiG jailbreak work, as confirmed by an official document posted by Apple.

TaiG Jailbreak

Thus far, the TaiG jailbreak team has been successful in liberating iOS 8 up till version 8.4 of Apple's mobile operating system. But, iOS 8.4.1 marks the release where all the necessary exploits needed to make the TaiG jailbreak work have been patched for good.

If you're a jailbreak user, then we strongly urge you to not update to iOS 8.4.1 at any cost, and refrain from it completely. And if you're a user who was planning to jailbreak and are currently running iOS 8.4 or below, then it's highly recommended that you jailbreak straight away to reap its benefits.

If you're a Mac user then you can jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by following our guide posted here: Jailbreak iOS 8.4 Using TaiG On Mac – How To.

If you're a Windows user, then check out our guide posted here for complete details. Alternatively, if TaiG is not your cup of tea then you can try its alternative PP to achieve the same thing. You can follow our complete guide posted here on how to use the PP jailbreak tool to liberate iOS 8.4.

It's been an interesting ride so far regarding how the TaiG team has worked its magic to jailbreak iOS 8. And at this point, we're quite certain that the team would not rest easy and will definitely throw in some effort to jailbreak iOS 8.4.1. But hey, it's too early at this point to say or suggest anything at all, and we'll wait for TaiG's official word on the matter and see whether or not all is left in doom and gloom. But judging by how things usually work in the jailbreak world, we're certain to hear some good news very soon.

If you have managed to update to iOS 8.4.1, then be sure to check up on us on a regular basis for more jailbreak related news. We're certain TaiG, or maybe someone else, might have something good for us in store in terms of jailbreaking.

The rest who haven't updated - sit tight, relax, and don't even think about updating your device at all.

If you really don't care about jailbreaking at all, and want to upgrade to iOS 8.4.1, then be sure to check out: Download iOS 8.4.1 IPSW For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch – Direct Links.


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