How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 6th Gen on iOS 8.4 using TaiG & 25PP

Jul 17, 2015

Apple has just released its brand new iPod touch 6th generation which features an A8 processing chipset, 8 megapixels camera, a high storage capacity option (up to 128GB) and most importantly it's running iOS 8.4, out of the box. There are of course, more awesome features but we are not going to talk about them in this post. If you're interested though, please head over to our 2015 iPod touch launch coverage and check out more device info and comparisons.

As mentioned earlier, upon buying an iPod touch 6 you will notice that the device is running latest, stable version of iOS firmware, iOS 8.4. This in turn means that the new iPod has access to Apple Music, Apple News and features a lot of improvements. The best news of all is that you can also untethered jailbreak your iPod touch 6 on iOS 8.4 right now, using either TaiG or PP Jailbreak tools.

download TaiG 2.4.1 Security Flaw

The reason why I picked these two jailbreak tools is because they're compatible with the latest iOS 8 (8.4) and can be used on two different operating systems. Since TaiG is currently a Windows-only jailbreak tool, Mac users will need to use the recently updated PP Jailbreak for iOS 8.4 if they want to jailbreak on their Mac without using Virtual Machine or borrow a friend's Windows computer.

Before going further into the tutorial part, keep in mind that its extremely important to backup your iPod touch via iCloud or iTunes, just in case the jailbreak goes south. This way, you can always recover your data and start anew. Another important thing is to turn off Find My iPhone (Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone), Passcode (Settings > Passcode), and Wi-Fi connection.

There is no need to wait any more to jailbreak iOS 8.4 for iPod touch 6th generation, so let's dive right into it.

How to Jailbreak iPod touch 6 on Windows using TaiG

  1. Download TaiG 2.4.3 (currently the latest version)
  2. Extract the .Zip file and launch the tool
  3. Connect your iPod touch to the computer
  4. Wait for TaiG to detect your device and unchecked the 3K assistance box
  5. Now press the Start button and wait for the device to go through certain jailbreak process

How to Jailbreak iPod touch 6 on Mac using 25PP

  1. Download the newest version of 25PP Jailbreak tool
  2. Extract the .Zip file and launch the tool
  3. Connect your iOS device to the computer and wait for PP Jailbreak to recognize the device
  4. Click on the box that says Install PP Helper to uncheck it
  5. Click on the Jailbreak button to begin

Both jailbreak tools will perform an automatic jailbreak. In other words, you don't have to do anything except for patiently waiting for the device to go through all the stages and reboot itself. Once done, go on Cydia and wait for it to reload all the packages and data.

After that, Cydia should be running smoothly and you can start adding repos and install any Cydia tweaks or themes you want. Let me know in the comment section below if you ran into any issues when using either tools, I will help you out.