How to Track SMS Usage with the Latest SMS Stats 2 for iOS 7

While not everyone may be interested in learning to track SMS usage, those of us who aren't on unlimited SMS packages, definitely are. Here is how to track SMS usage right inside your Messages app for FREE!

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Track SMS usage with 'SMS Stats 2' iOS 7:

SMS Stats 2 is a newly released jailbreak tweak for iOS 7 that gives you your SMS statistics right inside the Messages app. SMS Stats 2 is quite a helpful iOS 7 jailbreak tweak in terms of its simplicity and ease of usage.track SMS usage sms stats 2

Developed by Callum Ryan, SMS Stats 2 is available for FREE in Cydia - the developer may start charging after it gets famous; pretty useful tweak to monitor SMS statistics, to be honest.

Once you install the SMS Stats 2 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak, it will add an symbol on your Message app. You will notice this circular symbol when in the list view. Tap on the symbol and it will give you a complete summary of the total text messages that you have sent and received. The summary will include separate number of text messages sent and the number of them received till the date you are accessing the tweak on. The SMS Stats 2 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak will also show you a total number of iMessages sent and received, along with the number of iMessages received, and the number of them sent. sms stats 2 track sms usage

Apart from giving you the information of all SMSes sent and received, you can also select to see only text messages and iMessages sent and received in the last 28 days. Just tap on the Last 28 days tab to get those statistics. sms stats 2 ios 7 jailbreak tweak

Another way to track SMS usage is by going specific to a certain contact. This feature will be helpful if you want to track messages sent and received with a particular contact. Open the message whose contact you want to track, tap on Contact, and then tap on the symbol, instead of tapping on S in the iMessages app first screen. monitor sms statistics

By giving you this much level of access, you can track SMS usage by any contact, get statistics for only past 28 days, or for all the time. The developer has made SMS Stats 2 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak even more palatable by beautifully integrating it in the Message app.

‏@CallumRyan314: 30,000 downloads in 3 days is pretty good for a small thing

SMS Stats 2 iOS 7 is compatible with other SMS tweaks and also the 64-bit iOS devices!

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